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A-Z List of Pharmacy for horses Courtesy of Dr Newell
Quality videos/books from Equine Research for horse people. Vet items... Free Catalog...
BREEDS Listed by Oklahoma State University - a good resource...
EQUINE DENTISTRY, a (relatively) new and interesting field...
HORSE GENETICS This page will contain information on horse genetics, gene mapping and horse typing services at the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory-At UC-Davis. It will also provide general links of interests to genetics and other horse related items.
Site for Brindle color horse information. Please contact the author with your information for her study...
A Year in the Health of Your Horse Harry Warner, DVM...
FIRST AID FOR THE LAMINITIC HORSE A site with lots of helpful info on care of the horse w/ laminitis!
THE "VIRTUAL" VETERINARY CENTER A vast site of all things veterinary w/ a section for Equine - available in several languages....
LARGE ANIMAL RADIOLOGY This site provides a section of explanation of terms and an overview of the pre-purchase exam....
A BRIEF ELEMENTARY INTRODUCTION TO LAMINITIS, or FOUNDER 101 Needs little or no explanation....
EQUITRONICS Diagnostic and therapy equipment for equines...
HOOFCARE & LAMENESS Hoofcare & Lameness Magazine is a central point for the dissemination of information about foot and lower leg problems of the horse.
HORSE HEALTH CARE ARTILCES Here are some wonderful articles by Dr. Jim Hamilton
which may be helpful in caring for your horse. They are NOT meant to be substituted for veterinary care!
Scratches, Greasy Heel or Pododermatitis Treatment new, effective treatment for equine scratches, developed by a veterinarian.
SPORT HORSE MEDICINE We're committed to providing educational materials and veterinary services for owners, trainers, farriers, and veterinarians dealing with athletic horses.


The Well Adjusted Horse Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C. is offering equine chiropractic seminars around the country. Dr. Kamen is a certified animal chiropractor from Illinois and is the author of three nationally best selling books on animal chiropractic, "The Well Adjusted Dog," and "The Well Adjusted Cat," as well as "The Well Adjusted Horse".
EQUUSCAN Equine Shiatsu Therapy, acupuncture without needles
Hoof and Paw Myotherapy Massage - Only Better!! Check out why!!


Cornell Univ. Vet School Equine Research Center Home Page...
Glasgow Veterinary School also CRC Beatson Labs w/ links to the U. of Glasgow & several virology labs.
North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine
Ontario Veterinary College and Guelph University Equine Research Center, Ontario, Canada. Internationally recognised research facility...
Univ of KY Equine Research Foundation including the Equine Disease Quarterly
Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
Vet School List, an Extensive list from Vet Net

Columbia Equine Hospital Mobile and Surgical facility for horses in Gresham, Oregon


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