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Ashley's Horsey Site, full of interesting stuff about horses
Ashley's Page It's Kool!
Clara's Horsey Homepage w/ quotes, breed info, and some NEAT images....
You're invited to Belgium! And look around-the rest of the site is wonderful, too!

Circle R Ranch Kid's Horse Camp Find out how to sign up your child for a week. Now Hiring Staff!
Healey Falls Quarter HorsesSummer Riding Camp for Children Ages 7 - 15 in Ontario, Canada
Lucky Drive Resident Horse Camp For ages 6 - 18. Pick Your Visits Dates. Stay a week, Two weeks or as long as you like. in Va.
Sundown Summer Horse Camp located in british columbias central interior We offer week long camps for children aged 9 thru 16 from the beginner to the advanced.

Congratulations to:
Winners in the first North American Junior Dressage Championship (NAJDC)
Gold - Samantha Garfinkel (USA)
Silver - Tina Hayden (USA)
Bronze - Jessica Rattner (USA)

on June 28-July 1, 2001. Riders participating in this continental championship included 4 teams from the U.S., including a Pony Club team; three teams from Canada, an individual from Costa Rica and an Australian team competing on borrowed horses.

Destiny's page at Horse And Pony Kids Club, A great on-line club for horse crazy kids!
Equestrian Kids, The web-site just for younge equestrians
Equine Stable, A fun and informative site all about horses/ponies.
Fantasy Horse Club members needed!

HLC Horse Lovers Club...
HSC Central, gateway to the Horse Showing Club
The Horse and Pony Club This is a horse and pony club.There are lots a images and adopt horse and ponies. Coming soon a cyber horse and pony Club
Horse Triumph Horse club for all ages and cyebr horses
Horse Kids Club, with all sorts of fun
Horseradish for the Brain, for young riders who are intrested in horses
Horses-What a Wonderful Life! Two girls who worked together to make a site that shows two ways of loving horses. From real to Fanplastic we hope you will enjoy our site. Hunter Hill Jasmine (Mya) -my horse and facts of her breed (Trakehner)!

#1 Equestrian Farm This is a 'sim' game, but we are all for real horses! Join! Directed for ages 8-17
Blazing Saddles This is a really fun horse game, click here to read the rules and join! We need lots of active members to make it fun!
BridleWoodStables Come and join our SIM game to be apart of the great world of Horses!!
Cameo Stables i have a lot of satisfed members its a game where you own your own horses
Canadian Stables A simulation game that's loads of fun...
Cyberhorse ...a great Cyber-barn game for all ages...
Go For Blue farms A fun Sim game where you can own your own horse and have fun!
The Golden Horseshoe, A cool sim game, with a soon-to-be wild horse herd
Hoofpix and Horse shoes Horse SIM game!, A really cool sim game where you own up to three imaginary horses at the begining. You can breed, show, race and do much more with your imaginary horses
Horse Fun 26 sim game for horses
Horse Lovers Sim Game!! This is a game where you can pretend to have horses! You can race show breed and buy horses. So if your in love with horses check it out!
Imagination Horse Club/ Silver Creek SIM Riding Team A wonderful club that was designed to bring every horse lover together. A fun way to own your dream horses + be part of a team!
Le Cheval Academy A sim game where you are a student at a french riding academy
Misty Meadows Stables This site is fun for all Horse Lovers Of Any Age
Northern Stars A sim/rpg game where you can be a horse, pegasus, or unicorn
Saddle Pals A fun horsey site, dedicated to horses, fun, and friends!
~*Silver Creek Farms*~ Sim game for horse lovers
SimPony, a sim game..adopt cyber horses, breed them, show etc. etc.
Smith "Sim" Stables New horse sim game for any horse crazy person - very realistic and well organized. Open to all new members
Star Meadows Farm a cool sim game that is just started ...
Sunnyland Farms SIM Horse Game SF is the greatest horse game on the net! You can own a SIM horse, take e-lessons, buy SIM tack, and even run for SF's Vice President Spot! Join Today!
TwinWood Stables It is a horse sim game.
USA Farms Sim game - Lots of fun!
Valley's Stables It's a sim where you can own your own horse and it's great fun!
The Wild Hearts Herd, A cyber horse herd
Willow Grove Stables This site is a SIM game where you get to own your own horse, it's really fun!

Kate's Place -just a place to meet me, my horse and my other pets!
The Junior Rider Connection (JRC) Web site of all the Junior riders in the U.S. come together and get to know different riders they havn't met before

Magic Hour Video Offers books, games toys and an exciting VHS video for the young horse lover.
The Mounted Color Guard at San Marcos Academy. Lots of photos and info about a cavalry re-enactment unit composed entirely of high school students at a south Texas boarding school.

Pony-World It's got quizzes, contests, pics, awards, and much much more!


Wild & Free, a club for horse lovers of all ages. Join up here...


Check out Affordable Horsey Gifts at The Gift Loft, including a new CD of horse songs!


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BOOKS by Marguerite Henry (MISTY OF CHINCOTEAGUE and many more)
BOOKS by Walter Farley The Black Stallion Series

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